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Is it really possible to instill healthy eating habits during your baby’s first year?


Unfortunately, many parents fail to realize this or know how to make it happen.

During her first pregnancy, journalist Hilary Kimes Bernstein didn’t know the health advantages or disadvantages of breast milk, formula, or baby food. She only knew she wanted the cheapest option that also was fairly simple.

Once her son was born and she began making choices, Bernstein learned about the obvious health advantages – and disadvantages – of certain foods given to children in the first year of life through research and a lot of trial and error.

First Bites is the book she wished she would have had during her pregnancy and her baby’s first year.

With twenty-seven chapters, First Bites helps expectant and new moms understand:

  • How breastfeeding and formula feeding are so different;
  • Why making your own baby food with an easy recipe is healthier than store-bought baby food;
  • When certain solid baby foods can be introduced;
  • What common – and preventable – food choices are harmful to children;
  • What the Bible says about feeding babies.

Filled with understandable explanations of scientific research, practical solutions, and lots of stories from real-life moms, First Bites is a fantastic resource for new moms who simply don’t have the time to do all of the research by themselves but want their babies to reap the rewards of a healthier start.

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