Is it really possible to instill healthy eating habits during your baby’s first year?


However, many well-intentioned parents fail to realize this.
Or, if they are concerned about passing on healthy eating habits,
they’re not sure how or when to begin.

With twenty-seven chapters, First Bites will help expectant and
new moms understand:

  • How breastfeeding and formula feeding are so different;
  • Why making your own baby food with an easy recipe is healthier than store-bought baby food;
  • When certain solid baby foods can be introduced;
  • What common – and preventable – food choices are harmful to children; and
  • What the Bible has to say about feeding babies.

Filled with understandable explanations of scientific research, practical solutions, and lots of stories from real-life moms, First Bites is a fantastic resource for new moms who simply don’t have the time to do all of the research by themselves but want their babies to reap the rewards of a healthier start.

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